Plum Wine - Iyanbai Umesyu


Our plum wine - Iyanbai Umesyu (photo: 500ml) is a plum wine which is made by pickling Bungo Plums and Nanko Plums, all cultivated in Usuki City, Oita Prefecture, with barley shochu. The barley shochu used is stored in sherry barrels, so you can enjoy the subtle sherry aroma and smoky, mature taste.


Size / Price (Tax incl.): 500ml (\1,375)
*Prices only applicable to purchases made in Japan


Ingredients: Barley Shochu (Vacuum Distilled, Sherry Barrel Storage), Plums (Bungo Plum / Nanko Plum from Usuki City, Oita Prefecture), rock sugar
Alcohol Content: 18%
*Usuki brand certified product

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