Tokubetsu Junmai Muroka Namagenshu - USUKI (gSpecial Junmaih)

ʏ hߐ USUKI

Our Tokubetsu (special) Muroka (unfiltered) Namagenshu (raw, unprocessed) Junmai - Ichinoide (Photo: 720ml) is created using 100% Wakamizu rice, a cultivar grown in Usuki City, Oita Pref., known for producing excellent sake. The full-bodied, but gentle taste of the unfiltered raw sake is a perfect match with local white and blue-backed fish. Since it has an alcohol content of 17%, it can be enjoyed even on the rocks! USUKI sake is proudly brewed with Usuki rice, using Usuki water, by Usuki people. So, we are very attached to this sake.


Size / Price (Tax incl.): 720ml (\1,650), 1.8L (\3,421)
*Prices only applicable to purchases made in Japan


Ingredients: Wakamizu Rice, Wakamizu Rice Koji (Both cultivated in Usuki City, Oita Pref.)
Rice Polishing Ratio: 55%
Alcohol Content: 17%
Yeast: Kyokai No. 901
Sake Meter Value: +3.4
Acidity: 1.6
*Usuki brand certified product


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