Hon Jozo - Ichinoide Namazake


Normally sake is heated twice before storage and bottling. However, our Hon Jozo - Ichinoide Namazake (Photo: 300ml) is never heated, instead it is specially filtered and then stored at a low temperature. Its fresh and smooth taste is truly unique and goes very well with sashimi (raw fish), especially white and blue-backed fish.


Size / Price (Tax incl.): 180ml (\319), 300ml (\462)
*Prices only applicable to purchases made in Japan


Ingredients: Rice, Rice Koji (Malted Rice), Distilled Alcohol
Rice Polishing Ratio: 65%
Alcohol Content: 15%
Yeast: Kyokai No. 901
Sake Meter Value:±0
Acidity: 1.7

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