Tokubetsu Junmai - Ichinoide (gSpecial Junmaih)


Our Tokubetsu (special) Junmai - Ichinoide (Photo: 720ml) is created using 100% Wakamizu rice, a cultivar grown in Usuki City, Oita Pref., known for producing excellent sake. Its rich, crisp taste is a good combination with our local white and blue-backed fish. This one is a real taste of Usuki City!


Size / Price (Tax incl.): 720ml (\1,395), 1.8L (\3,042)
*Prices only applicable to purchases made in Japan


Ingredients: Wakamizu Rice, Wakamizu Rice Koji (Both cultivated in Usuki City, Oita Prefecture)
Rice Polishing Ratio: 55%
Alcohol Content: 15%
Yeast: Kyokai No. 901
Sake Meter Value: +3
Acidity: 1.6
*Usuki brand certified product


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Mr. Hirofumi Minatofs Wakamizu Rice Field


Mr. Hirofumi Minato started cultivating Wakamizu rice, a cultivar known for producing excellent sake, in 2007. Since then, he has been supplying us with safe and secure rice with reduced pesticides.
He is also a trusted, old schoolfriend of Mr. Satozo Kuge, our representive director.


*The picture shows Mr. Minato, checking the progress of his Wakamizu rice in Ieno, Usuki City.

Selected for use in ANA International Business Class


Between December 2017 and February 2018, many delighted business class passengers aboard short/medium-haul ANA International flights were able to enjoy our Tokubetsu Junmai - Ichinoide.


The photo shows flight attendants with our Tokubetsu Junmai - Ichinoide, aboard flight NH865, from Haneda to Gimpo, South Korea.

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