CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)


Kuge Honten will develop stronger relationships with stakeholders through its main business of liquor manufacturing, aiming to be gThe engine of our hometownh, a brewery that will contribute to the promotion and success of our region. We endeavour to lead the way in the creation of a sustainable society.


*This picture shows the landscape of Ieno, Usuki City

gThe Cheers Ruleh Toasting with Usuki City Sake


There are four sake breweries in Usuki City: Akamine Sake Brewery, Kotegawa Sake Brewery, Fujii Sake Brewery, and Kuge Honten. Our company plays a central role in the aim of creating a sustainable future for our society with a focus on local production for local consumption. As a part of this we requested that the city council enact a local ordinance called gThe Cheers Ruleh. The following regulations came into effect on October 1, 2015.


The Toasting with Usuki City Sake Ordinance (September 25, 2015, Ordinance No. 32)


@@1.@The ordinance promotes the development of our local sake production industry and other related industries. It aims to build strong local relationships in the community by encouraging the custom of toasting with sake, shochu, etc. (hereinafter referred to as "local sake"), which are traditional products of the city.


The Role of the City:
@@2.@The city shall endeavour to actively engage in toasts using local sake and participate in other projects related to the promotion of our local sake.


The Role of Businesses:
@@3.@Businesses shall proactively use and promote the usage of local sake. They will endeavour to cooperate with the city and other local businesses.


Citizens Cooperation:
@@4.@Local citizens are encouraged to use and promote the usage of local sake in addition to cooperating with the city and local businesses.


Consideration for Taste etc:
@@5.@The city, businesses, and citizens shall respect the individuals tastes and preferences when implementing this ordinance.


Supplementary provisions
This ordinance will come into effect on October 1, 2015.


*The photo shows a toast involving 200 citizens on the first day the ordinance becoming active

Donating High-Concentration Ethanol for use as Hand Sanitizer


On May 25, 2020, we donated a quantity of high-concentration ethanol, for use as hand sanitizer, to Usuki Medical Association Cosmos Hospital. They have been working incredibly hard during an immensely difficult time, and we wanted to contribute in some way. So, we donated 240 bottles of high-concentration ethanol, Alcohol 77% Tsunezo.


We were pleased to hear the hospital director, Dr. Shimodafs (far left) comment, "I am very happy to receive support from local companies".
Toji Matsuno (second from the left).
Shoji Kuge, Product Manager (third from the left).
Satozo Kuge, Representitive Director (far right).


This product is manufactured by distilling Kasutori shochu (raw material from sake lees) several times. It is purely domestic alcohol, and sake lees are said to have a water-retaining effect.

The Hometown Working Holiday Project


Kuge Honten is proud to be part of a new project spearheaded by the ministry of internal affairs and communications. The Hometown Working Holiday Project encourages young people from urban areas to come and stay and work in rural locations for a period of time. This is really a great opportunity for participants to interact with local people and learn new skills. Through such activities, we believe the experience will deepen the participants relationship and bond with the area, something that cannot be achieved during a visit.
As a host business, Kuge Honten are accepting young participants to experience sake brewing.
Kuge Honten was recently featured in the Oita Prefecture promotional video. In the video you can see the Kuge Honten brewery, the representative director, the manufacturing section chief - Mr. Murakami, and Mr. Takeguchi - production, all talking about their passion for sake brewing.


*The photo shows a participant of the Hometown Working Holiday Project, Mr. Hasegawa from Nagoya City (centre), experiencing sake brewing. He is with Toji Matsuno (left) and Mr. Murakami (right).

Usuki Sanma Festival


The Sanma Festival is a popular festival held in Meguro, Tokyo, that attracts many visitors every year. Kuge Honten attend and exhibit at the festival. Over the years we have developed a great friendship with the Kesennuma Executive Committee.


Kesennuma City suffered enormous damage during The Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, and we decided we wanted to support the city and its reconstruction efforts. As a result, the Usuki and Kesennuma - Letfs build a better a better future together! project was started. A new executive committee was formed and in 2014 the Usuki Sanma Festival was held for the first time.


We sold Sanma (Pacific Saury) sourced from Kesennuma, which had been grilled over a charcoal fire, for \100 per fish. They were very popular, and everyone was very satisfied! The festival has been held three times so far, and we have donated 100% of the profit to the Kesennuma Executive Committee.


*The photo shows the first Usuki Pacific Saury Festival (September, 2014)

Personal Information Protection Policy

Personal Information Protection Policy


Kuge Honten Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") recognizes that "customers' personal information" is important information on the Kuge Honten website (hereinafter referred to as "the Company's website"), and in order to prevent the leakage, misappropriation, falsification, loss, or destruction of personal information provided by customers, the Company will thoroughly manage and protect such information. At the same time, we will comply with laws, regulations, and other standards related to personal information.


@@1.@Collection of Personal Information
In order to provide better services, the Company may collect personal information from customers as necessary when conducting questionnaires, distributing e-mails, distributing samples, conducting prize competitions, and selling products. In collecting information, we will, in principle, provide information of the customer's own volition, inform the customer of the purpose of use in advance, and use legal and fair methods to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose.
Customers may refuse to provide their personal information at their own will. However, in this case, the customer may not be able to use the services of the Company.


@@2.@Management and protection of personal information
The Company will strictly manage the personal information collected from customers and will take safety measures to protect the personal information from unauthorized access, loss, destruction, and falsification.
The Company may outsource the handling of personal information to a third party to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use notified to the customer. In such a case, the Company will confirm that the contractor (hereinafter referred to as "the contractor") is sufficiently protecting personal information, and then conclude a contract for the protection of personal information and take appropriate supervisory measures.


@@3.@Restrictions on the use of personal information
When using personal information collected, we will limit the use to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose, and will take sufficient care not to infringe on the rights of our customers.


@@4.@Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties
We will not provide personal information to third parties other than subcontractors without the consent of the customer. However, we may disclose the information if there is an official inquiry to us from a court of law, the police, or other public institution in accordance with the law.


@@5.@Disclosure, correction, and deletion of personal information
When a customer requests the disclosure, correction, or deletion of his or her own personal information, our company will promptly respond to the request within a reasonable amount of time, after confirming that the request is made by the customer himself or herself, except in cases where the disclosure, correction, or deletion of personal information may harm the life, body, property, or other interests of an individual or significantly interfere with the execution of our company's business.


@@6.@Contact for inquiries about personal information
For inquiries regarding personal information, please contact:


@Kuge Honten Co., LTD
@Phone number: +81 972 63 8000
@Office hours: 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (except Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays)


@@7.@Revision of Personal Information Protection Policy
The Company may review the above sections from time to time and revise all or part of them. In the event of a revision, the Company will notify the customer as soon as reasonably possible.


Enacted - September 1, 2010
Partially revised - August 23, 2019
Kuge Honten Co., LTD.

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