The Usuki Bowl


The Usuki Bowl is a great way to enjoy and share Kuge Honten’s barley shochu, Tsunezo.


The basic method is to first place slices of kobosu - a specialty fruit, grown in Usuki - and ice in a bowl, then pour in our barley shochu, Tsunezo, and et voila, you have a delicious Usuki Bowl. It’s great to share with friends and family using a Hishaku, a small, Japanese, long-handled pan, similar to a big ladle.


The Tsunezo’s rich barley bouquet combined with the kabosu’s natural oils and sour juice unite harmoniously.


The Usuki Bowl goes well with Oita’s very popular Toriten (Japanese tempura style fried chicken). In addition, it looks fantastic, it’s perfect for sharing, and we think it fits in well at any kind of adult celebration.


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How to make an “Usuki Bowl”


1. First, fill a Donburi Bachi (a medium-sized BOWL) with ice. We recommend a white bowl because it contrasts vividly with the green of the kabosu. We also recommend using spherical ice (Ball).


2. Cut the kabosu in half vertically with the calyx facing up, and then slice as shown in the photo. You can choose the amount of kabosu, but usually half to one full one. Since the whole skin is put into the shochu, we recommend organically grown kabosu, which is safe and free of pesticides. It turns green from summer to early autumn and yellow from late autumn to winter. The yellow kabosu has a lower acidity hence is not as sharp.


3. Place the sliced kabosu in a bowl - the photo shows one kabosu. We think the contrast of the green kabosu against white bowl is quite striking.


4. Finally, pour in the barley shochu - Tsunezo. We recommend our vacuum distilled Tsunezo as this method really brings out the wonderful barley aroma. You have the option of the 20% or 25% Vol - however, we at Kuge Honten recommend the 20% Vol.


5. Your Usuki Bowl is now complete and it’s time to enjoy! If you can, it’s best to wait for the ice to melt a little, and the Tsunezo and kabosu to blend together. You do not have to squeeze the kabosu, the oil will naturally seep out of the kabosu peel. You’ll begin to notice the refreshing citrus scent diffusing and finally the combination of taste and aroma combines in an explosion of flavour.


REMEMBER! Do not squeeze the kabosu. This could create a bad balance resulting in a taste that is too sour.

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