Kugefs Okura (Azulejo mural)


Kugefs Okura Azulejo mural (photo, Yokomachi, Hamamachi, Usuki City, Oita Prefecture) can be found on the wall of the former sake brewery owned by Kuge Honten. Thanks to the efforts of Mr. Michiro Kotegawa (former president of Fundokin Shoyu and the Kotegawa Brewery), the city commissioned Portuguese artist, Rogerio Ribeiro, to complete this masterpiece in 2000.


The Okura, an old Japanese building that was once used for storage, is now open to the public and is being effectively used as a cultural venue and tourist facility for Usuki City.
If you are interested, you can find more information about Rogerio Ribeiro and Azulejos on the Fundokin Shoyu website.


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