Antenna Shop, Masuya

Feudal Lord Sadamichi Inaba was transferred from Mino to Usuki in 1600. From then, Usuki was governed by successive lords of the Inaba clan for more than 270 years, until the abolition of the feudal clans at the time of the Meiji Restoration. Most of the old buildings in Usuki were formed during the Inaba era. The buildings include the merchant houses lined up around the castle, samurai residencies and temples.


The antenna shop, Masuya opened in September 2001. It has the appearance of an Inaba era merchantfs shop. Itfs in the Yokomachi area of Usuki City, in the shadow of the great castle. It was named after Kuge Hontenfs yago (trading name), Masuya.


There, you can find a large variety of sake, shochu and liqueurs, from Kuge Honten, on display, ready to be sampled and purchased. Feel free to pop by.


Address: 413 Oaza Usuki (Yokomachi 2), Usuki, Oita, Japan 875-0041
Telephone/FAX : +81 972 64 7122

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